Importance of Turkey for Christianity

Importance of Turkey for Christianity

Turkey is a very important country for the Early Christian History. The St. Peter’s Church which is the known oldest church, was established in Antioch, Turkey. It is also a special area for the many Apostles and a birth or death place of many important people. 

For example, St. Paul was born in Tarsus, Turkey and made 3 missionary journeys in Turkey. He also stayed 3 years in Ephesus. The letters he wrote to Ephesians during his house arrest in Rome are written in “Book of Revelation”.

Nevertheless St. Philipus was buried in Ancient City Hierapolis (called Pamukkale today). Also the Apostle and Evangelist St. John was buried in Ephesus and a magnificent Basilica was built on his grave on the 6th century A.D. St. John wrote his Bible in Ephesus, Turkey. The Seven Churches that were established by St. John are all in the Aegean region of Turkey and Ephesus are one of the Seven Churches. All of these churches can be visited.

Ephesus is also a death place for The Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The House of the Virgin Mary located in the Nightingale Mountain is visited by three Popes by now. 

Turkey also hosted the first Ecumenical Council that was organized by the early Christians. The first council was organized in Nicea (Todays Iznik) which is very close to Istanbul in 325AD and it was very important.  The 3rd Council was organized in the Virgin Mary’s Church in Ephesus. Totally 8 councils were organized in Turkey between 325 and 870 AD.

 The three fathers of Cappadocia are also very famous. The Cappadocian Fathers had an important role for the development of Early Christianity Theology such as the doctrine of the Trinity.

 We, Magical Steps Travel arrange Christian tours all over Turkey and especially in Ancient Ephesus. We have various private Ephesus tours to the places stated in the text.

Here are our Ephesus Tours : 

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